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Terry Whalin



“You should write a book.” Sound familiar? Whether you’ve told it to yourself or other people have told you to write a book, you share the dream of many people who hope to write the next bestseller.

The real trick is--how do you find a publisher? Ideally, you want a publisher who will not only pay all the upfront costs, but will give you an advance against your royalties as well. That kind of publishing also has the most chance of getting media exposure.

However, these kinds of publishers are inundated with manuscripts and proposals from would-be authors who have no clue how to approach them. Many of these publishing professionals will not even consider unsolicited manuscripts or book proposals from new authors. Many literary agents have also closed their doors to new authors for similar reasons.

Yet ... there is a way in. If you can learn the publishing system, then you will stand out when you pitch your book idea and increase your chances with a big name publisher. Imagine a well-known publisher eager to pay you a handsome advance for your book idea. Imagine them giving you a jump-start with the media when your book is published. (Most publishers do this much.)

You are invited to a unique seminar where you will learn insider secrets from eight top publishing "gatekeepers." These executive editors, publisher, editor, and literary agents will share their secrets of what makes an outstanding book proposal -– a proposal for which they will pay a handsome advance. Best of all, you can attend this seminar from the comfort of your own home! There is no travel, no food or lodging expenses.

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Break through this year and do what it takes to get your best-selling book idea published. All it takes is $40 and about an hour of your time to learn from publishing professionals how to stand above the thousands of proposals in competition with yours. Gain your leading edge now!

At this moment, you are one $40 click away from discovering my time-tested Secrets About Proposals that can give you the keys to get your bestselling idea published.

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I understand that during this teleseminar, you’ll reveal time-proven Secrets About Proposals that will help me stand out from the millions of book manuscripts and proposals in circulation at different literary agencies and publishing houses.

I realize that you have published more than 60 books with traditional publishers and taught thousands of people how to shape their book idea into a winning presentation. Yes, I need the right idea at the right time and the right place to get a publisher. It sounds like a pure gamble but the process is much more calculated, something I can learn and actively do something about.

For this teleseminar, you've gathered eight long-term experienced gatekeepers into one, unique session. Each publishing expert will focus on the characteristics of a winning book proposal or manuscript. I can apply these same techniques to my own ideas and presentations for a winning combination.

Never before have these eight publishing experts been gathered into one presentation to focus on the Secrets About Proposals.

Meet the Eight Experts:

Sandra Vander Zicht
Associate Publisher & Executive Editor

Joan Marlow Golan
Executive Editor
Steeple Hill Books (part of Harlequin)

Sheryl Fullerton
Executive Editor
Jossey-Bass (A Wiley Imprint)

Holly Root
Literary Agent
Waxman Literary Agency

Joey Paul
Vice President & Publisher –
Practical Living
Thomas Nelson

John Willig
President & Literary Agent
Literary Services, Inc.

Peter Rubie
CEO & Literary Agent
FinePrint Literary Management

David Lambert
Senior Editor
Howard Books (Simon & Schuster)

By the end of this teleseminar I’ll be able to...

Create A Book Project That Can’t Be Rejected ~ How I can make the best first impression when I pitch my book idea.
Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes ~ How to prevent the 8 huge errors writers make in their proposals

Learn The Key Techniques of the Perfect Pitch~ Understand the reasons that make publishing experts champion a particular book idea and then apply it to my own book.

Utilize Bestseller Strategies ~ Discover several keys that editors and literary agents use to discover bestsellers at the idea stage of the book writing process.

And so much more!

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